Osteopathic and Rehabilitation Clinic

At Elementary Health, our flagship Cambridge osteopathy and rehabilitation clinic, our approaches are designed for all types of people, whether you are in a physical or sedentary job and lifestyle, and no matter what your age or current level of health.

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Michael delivers the treatment with an affable and enthusiastic professionalism. Furthermore, he is also excellent at tailoring the treatment, in combination with the osteopathy, to suit your level of functioning and weekly needs. If you are considering having this treatment Michael’s competency will give you it’s full benefits and his compassion will support you on the road to recovery.

Cambridge Treatments

Osteopathy & Cranial Osteopath

Effective osteopathic physical manual therapy
Uses gentle soft tissue, mobilisation and manipulation techniques on the body; helps encourage the body to return to a better structure and function.

Dynamic Exercise Therapy

Motor control training
With a primary focus on function over structure. Works to assist motor control and restore ideal functional postures. Effective sports injury rehabilitation.

The Perrin Technique

Leading the way in Osteopathic lymphatic diagnosis
The technique is a specialised doctoral research-based Osteopathic approach, which has undergone an NHS trial for its effective diagnostic assistance.

I have only just started seeing Michael for ongoing back problems, and already I don't know what I'd do without him! Michael makes you feel completely comfortable, and never ceases to impress me with his confident knowledge of the body and its treatment. After just 2 sessions I'm already starting to feel 23 again rather than the 90yr old woman I felt like before. Michael's in depth treatments have been worth every penny. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone struggling with physical pain, especially if you feel nothing has worked so far! I certainly won't be going back.


Complex Case Consultation

1.5 Hour Diagnostic Consultation

For those who want the most from their time with a practitioner
This 1.5 hour consultation will be one of the most detailed consultations you have had by any health care provider. It will focus around your musculoskeletal health, but with a broader overview.

Michael was great, he understood my problem immediately and put in place a treatment plan to relieve the pain and to strengthen the muscles around the injury I substance while playing rugby.


Complex Low Back Consultation

3 Hour Diagnostic Consultation

For those with low back pain, or symptoms associated with low back sensitization, which cause re-occurring or consistent episodes of pain.
This 3 hour Specialist Mechanical Low Back Consultation will likely be the longest and most detailed consultations you have had by any health care provider. It will focus around your musculoskeletal health of your low back, but with a broader overview.

I would like to thank you for your help to keep me moving well for the past 5 years. Your diagnosis of my lower back problem was correct and was confirmed by subsequent X-ray. Your regular treatment has vastly reduced discomfort so that I am able to enjoy an active life.