Complex Case Consultation

The 1.5 hour Consultation

A Complex Case Consultation, a diagnostic examination for those who want the most detailed diagnosis, from their time with a diagnostic practitioner. This should be a good initial consultation choice for the chronic pained patient, or those with a complicated detailed and multifaceted case history, or the athlete targeting new levels of sports performance in their events with prehabilitation, and physical rehabilitation when sports injuries occur, or when repeated injuries are occurring and sports injury rehabilitation is required.

Our registered Cambridge Osteopath provided this diagnostic examination. Has been highly trained in multiple areas of clinical examination and diagnosis, osteopathy and physical exercise rehabilitation, for non-injury and sports injury rehabilitation.

Has over the years developed and enjoyed, a strong word of mouth referral system, from people who need a second opinion, a fresh – research informed approach.

Many musculoskeletal cases go undetermined, classed as ‘unknown’ and ‘non-specific’, left to grow into a chronic case, and becoming a person who is told, that they have ‘inconsistent findings’.

This 1.5 hour consultation will be one of the most detailed consultations you have had by any health care provider. It will focus around diagnostic examination of your musculoskeletal health, but with a broader overview.

Maybe you just need a fresh eye on things, and perhaps after already seeing multiples of every profession and specialist you can. You just need someone to take the time, to go over your full case, looking at all your images, and reports, performing a full verbal past history exam, uderstand your repeated injuries and sports performance goals, leading on to a focused clinical examination, and physical capacity assessment,  followed by a comprehensive starter plan.

The Criteria and Aims For A Complex Case Consultation Include:

mature man walking barefoot on the beach without hip pain after being a Chronic Pained Patient

The Chronic Pained Patient – Complex Case Consultation

A chronic pained patient is someone who has had re-occurring or consistent episodes of pain (for 3 months or more). Which is believed to be musculoskeletal in nature, and after all the investigations, opinions and failed therapies, the pain still occurs.

As a chronic pained patient, you need clarity, ‘makes sense’ approaches, and an effective diagnosis to the current cause of pain, a comprehensive appraisal of your chronic pain case, efficient assistance, and someone who is actually trying to help you out of pain, with practical advice and application. This will be the start of a convergence of a diagnosis.

Pain reduction is better than pain management! 

female jogging in a park with healed foot pain Repeated Injuries

The Detailed and Multifaceted Case – Complex Case Consultation

Perhaps in many ways you are physical, active, and healthy, but niggled, with repeated injuries, and suffering from multiple or complex symptoms. These may drag you down, and get in the way of your training, health and happy full lifestyle.

Therapy of the past has at times helped, but you feel has never got to the bottom of things. You may now be collecting multiple opinions and diagnosis from multiple therapists and your multiple repeated injuries. Perhaps you are starting to lose track of which treatment path you’re on. This diagnostic examination could be the start of a pain free programme.

Let’s get back the direction!

two men competitively cycling at an athletic level with Sports Performance goals

The Athlete – Complex Case Consultation

A high end elite athlete, still needs a comprehensive MOT. Find what is leading to the repeated injuries, the patterns to your problems, and working to find a common goal of increased resilience, power, performance, and grace for greater sports performance. The start of a prehabilitation and rehabilitation programme with sports performance in mind.

Keep your goals, keep your focus!


As someone with regular pain and fibromyalgia, I can highly recommend Elementary Health and Michael Parr. For over 10 years I visited numerous physios, osteopaths, sports therapists and everything in-between with no long-term improvement or development. Suffering with neck, shoulder, upper and lower back pain, I would usually visit a practitioner once or twice a week, while problems were acute. Since meeting Michael some 6 years ago, my visits are now once or twice every three months – Michael’s plan for me right from the beginning. Michael not only fixes short term pain with careful manipulation but develops one-to-one exercise plans to help prevent re-occurrence of the issues. I’ve never been looked after with such interest and attention to detail, Michael’s knowledge of the physical body and systems are second to none in my opinion.

Complex Case Consultation Procedure

For new patients, or the application of new therapies, a full case history is taken, any repeated injuries, sports performance goals and lifestyle goals understood, all provided images and reports reviewed, and any prior investigations and current goals discussed, so these can be taken into consideration.

Next, if clinically appropriate, you may be asked to dress down to your underwear to allow us to look at the presenting problem. (However, feel free to wear small shorts, if it makes you feel more comfortable).

You will then be asked to perform simple motions, a mixture of postures, motions and training patterns (dynamic assessment), to help us gain information and understand your posture and movement capacity, and then interpret this in regards to your presenting complaint and goals. Identifying key links in your case.

Then, a detailed passive examination, along with some specific investigations will be performed. If required, additional examination, and questioning will take place as part of the diagnostic examination. A diagnosis will then be discussed, and if appropriate at this point, treatment will begin.

For treatment, we provide a seamlessly layered combination approach, of education and therapeutic application. This includes education of anatomy and pain theories, manual therapy, osteopathy, posture advice and training, lifestyle advice, hydrotherapy guidance, dietary overviews, and dynamic exercise therapy with motor control training rehabilitation. All of these work together to provide a uniquely structured approach, towards the aim of restoring your brain’s interpretation, or ‘mapping’ of your healthy functioning body, giving you back the control!

After treatment intervention, you will be re-assessed to ensure efficacy, and to optimize, the development of therapeutic strategies, for precision care and training.

Guidance for aftercare will also be provided, which assists by aiding to establish and prioritise lifestyle and training components, which can be initiated independently. As an adjunct in achieving your goals.

During this process and any subsequent treatments, you are welcome to have another adult individual present, to act as a supportive chaperone, if required. 

The Initial Consultation will last 90 minutes (1.5 hours), and all follow up appointments for treatment will last 30 minutes, unless a 60 minutes treatment is required.

We recommend a Child’s first visit is a First Paediatric Consultation.

Next Steps

If there are any other questions, or, you wish to book a consultation with Michael Parr the consulting osteopath and physical rehabilitation specialist in Cambridge, based at Elementary Health. Please don’t hesitate to call or email.

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