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Core Stability specific clinical exercise therapy training and progressive graded exercise provided by an osteopath for sports injury rehabilitation, has been proven to help core stability, trunk stability, force transfer, sports performance, abdominal muscle strength, diastasis recti management, post-surgical muscle reactivation and motor control, lumbar spine stability, increase physical expression, and help restore more normal spinal joint and associated muscle and tendon function. Additionally, manual therapy and hands on treatment by an osteopath, has been proven to help assist the guided training of core control, spinal range of motion, and motor control. More importantly it seems that combined therapy (multidisciplinary therapy) of exercise and manually guided exercise osteopathy has an even greater role, and effect on the core stabilizers and that of the lower back bracing capacity, balance, distal limb range of motion (mobility) and force, and global motor pattern expression.

Core Stability Training

At Elementary Health, our Cambridge Osteopathic and Cambridge Sports Injury Rehabilitation Clinic, we provide a seamlessly layered combination approach, of diagnosis, education and therapeutic application. This includes specialised diagnostics, education about anatomy and pain theories, manual therapy, osteopathy for core control and trunk pain, postural advice and training, lifestyle advice, hydrotherapy guidance, dietary overviews, isometric and dynamic core muscle training, and dynamic exercise therapy with motor control training and sports injury rehabilitation. All of these work together to provide a uniquely structured approach, towards the aim of restoring your brain’s interpretation, or ‘mapping’, of your healthy functioning body with improved mechanics of the trunk, back muscles, abdominal oblique’s, transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, and all other associated core stabilizers, giving you back the control!

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