Lower Back Pain Overview

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Osteopathy has been proven to help lower back pain including associated sciatica symptoms and is the most common issue people see an osteopath, with very positive outcomes and satisfaction levels. Additionally, exercise therapy has been proven to help lower back pain, and help restore normal daily activity. More importantly it seems to have a preventative role.

cambridge man holding his lower back while suffering lower back pain. Soon to be better and being physical after physical rehabilitation.

Lower back pain treatment

At Elementary Health we provide a seamlessly layered combination approach, of diagnosis, education and therapeutic application. This includes education of anatomy and pain theories, manual therapy, osteopathy (osteopath in Cambridge), posture advice and training, lifestyle advice, hydrotherapy guidance, dietary overviews, and dynamic exercise therapy with motor control training rehabilitation. All of these work together to provide a uniquely structured approach, towards the aim of restoring your brain’s interpretation, or ‘mapping’ of your healthy functioning body, giving you back the control!

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