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This specialist sports injuries treatment service is provided by Michael Parr the consulting osteopath and rehabilitation specialist of Elementary Health in Cambridge, who has travelled internationally to generate his training in sports injury diagnosis and sports injury rehabilitation. Training of multiple methods of physical rehabilitation, movement diagnostics, and sports performance training,  combines some of the most up to date training and skills of sports injuries and sports performance goals following return to sport rehabilitation methods. Using a multitide of methods of clinical assessment for physical injury and three dimensional disturbances, the consulting rehabilitation clinician looks at the injury locally and also all three planes of postures and motion, including the functional presentation of Global Movement Patterns.

The techniques includes a specialised research informed sports focused approach, to sports injuries diagnosis and sports therapy, specifically designed to work with its influence on the nervous systems control of the spine, pelvis, trunk and whole global motor controls. These methods have undergone studies for there effective treatment, to ensure patients continue to be re-assured of current injury rehabilitation protocols and ultimately see better return to play with greater sports performance.


Michael has been essential in my recovery from a sports injury to the hip. Starting with a very comprehensive initial assessment, he is able to diagnose complex conditions and set a plan of exercises to progressively get you back to the activities you love. Three months of training have provided striking improvements. I’m back to hiking, swimming and cycling. Definitely recommend Michael.

Sports Injury Treatment

The treatment methods aim at working to empower patients with an injury, in a pateint focused care model of: Sports specific injury education, observational surveillance, osteopathic manually therapy, and through dynamic exercise therapy provide specific exercise therapy and phsyical rehabilitation to achieve recovery goals. This is achieved by building body awareness, performing physical hands on treatment for reduction of pain and to normalise mobility and performing guided Exercise Therapy (assistive help during exercises), progressing into Dynamic Exercise Therapy.

Dedicated to helping patients get the best care, these effective conservative management approaches for patients with a sports injury or sports injuries diagnosis, including patients diagnosed with past injury, and a need structural recover following the injury, and all forms of functional strain, is achieved by: Working to form, preventative stopping or slowing of injury progression, correction of current causes of strain, reduction of pain, improved quality of life, improve exercise mechanics, improve breathing, encouraging mobilisation, flexibility and stabilization of correct postures, maintenance of the achieved corrections, education including attempts for correction of normal activity postures and training of activities of daily living (ADL’s), sensible return to play, and then later sports performance integration.

For more information on the dynamic clinical approach to sports injury assessment and physical rehabilitation, please look at the treatment section of this website.

We recommend your first consultation should be a Complex Case Consultation, for all sporting injury cases, all forms of complex cases, and all athletic pursuits, with a desire for physical rehabilitation, and later sports performance, when booking the First Consultation. 

We recommend a Child’s first visit is a First Paediatric Consultation.

The Initial Consultation will last 90 minutes (1.5 hours), and all follow up appointments for treatment will last 30 minutes, unless a 60 minutes treatment is required.

Next Steps

If there are any other questions, or, you wish to book a consultation with Michael Parr the consulting osteopath and physical rehabilitation specialist in Cambridge, based at Elementary Health. Please don’t hesitate to call or email.

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